Rabu, 06 Maret 2013

Lowongan Riset Surya University

Semua katergori di Riset Center.

Human Computer Interaction (ICT)

1. Academic Resource Planning Institute (ARPI) (Code: C-ARPI)

2. Center for Robotic and Intelligent Machines (CRIM); (Code:C-CRIM)

3. Center for Ubiquitous Technology (UBITEC) (Code: C-UBITEC)

4. Center for Creative Technology (CCT) (Code: C-CCT)

5. Supercomputing Center for Education & research (SCER) (Code: C-SCER)

Economy, Business & Enterpreneurship

6. Indonesia Green Economic Center (IGEC)(Code: C-IGEC)

7. Center for Agribusiness (CAG); (Code: C-CAG)

8. Center for Technopreneurship & Innovation (CTI) (Code: C-CTI)

9. Institute For Applied Business Research (IABR) (Code:C-IABR)

Art, Design & innovation

10. Center of Art/design for Creative Research Practices (C4ADRP) (Code:C-C4ADRP)

11. Center for Innovation and Certification (CIC) (Code: C-CIC)

Life Sciences

12. Brain & Circulation Institute of Indonesia (BCII) (Code:C-BCII)

13. Indonesia Brain Research Center (IBRC)(Code: C-IBRC)

14. Center for Molecular Biodiversity Research (CMBR) (Code: C-CMBR)

15. Center for Food Technology (CFT) (Code:C-CFT)

16. Comprehensive Herbal Medicine Institute (CHMI) (Code: C-CHMI)

Environmental, Sustainibility & Renewable Energy

17. Indonesia Center for Waste Management (ICWM) (Code:C-ICWM)

18. Sustainable Terrestrial Management & Integrated Renewable Energy Center (STIREC) (Code: C-STIREC)

19. Center for Climate Finance (CCF) (Code: C-CCF)

20. Center for Clean Water Technology (CCWT) (Code: C-CCWT)

21. Center for Bioenergy and Bioproducts (CBB) (Code:C-CBB)

22. Center Sustanable Smart City (s-smart) (Code: C-SSMART)

23. Academy for Clean Energy and Sustainibility (ACES) (Code:C-ACES)

Supporting Technology

24. Center of Mobile, Micro and Nanotechnology (CMMN) (Code: C-CMMN)

25. Center for Semiconductor Lighting and Display Technologies (SLIDES) (Code: C-SLIDES)

26. Center for Optical+Biomedical Engineering (COBE) (Code:C-COBE)

27. Center for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CCFD) (Code:C-CCFD)

28. Center for Solar Photovoltaics (Code: C-CSP)

29. Center for Glass & Optic Devices (Code: C-CGOD)


30. Center for Oceanography and Marine Technology (COMT) (Code:C-COMT)


31. Center for Educational Technology (CET) - STKIP SURYA (Code: C-CET)

32. Center of Math GASING (CMG) – STKIP SURYA (Code:C-CMG)

33. Science & Math Olympiad Center (SMOC) - STKIP SURYA (Code:C-SMOC)

34. National Centre for Gifted and Talented (NCGT) (Code: C-NCGT)

35. Center for Innovative Learning (CIL) - STKIP SURYA (Code: C-CIL)


36. Project: TAWON Car Systems (Travel Anywhere Conveniently Without Owning a Car/Car Pooling Systems)

37. Project: Surelator (Machine Translator untuk Bahasa Inggris-Indonesia dan Bahasa lokal)

38. Your Project

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